Janos Ader – Photo: wikipedia

Ader: Each new generation has responsibility to preserve legacy of the past

Each new generation has a responsibility to preserve the legacy of the past, Hungarian President Janos Ader said on the occasion he inaugurated the restored Ferenc Rakoczi II castle in Borsi, in southeast Slovakia, together with his counterpart, Zuzana Caputova, on Saturday.

The renovation of the castle built between 1563 and 1638 was carried out with support from the Hungarian state.

Ader said in a speech that Rakoczi was a statesman who, given his struggle for the independence of his nation, set an example for the peoples of Europe today.

He said the renovation was the result of many consultations and work carried out across the border.

Caputova said the renovated castle was not only a building of great architectural and historical value but a valuable symbol of unity. “As neighboring countries of the European Union, it should unite us.” Two nations, she said, shared many historical personalities, including Ferenc Rakoczi II, St. Stephen, Robert Karoly and Matyas Corvin. “It’s thanks to them that historical Hungary and our history are proudly shared,” she added.

The project to restore of the birthplace of Ferenc Rakoczi was agreed upon in 2013 by the Hungarian president and Ivan Gasparovic, the Slovak president at the time, and the work itself started in September 2018 under the direction of a non-profit organisation.

The Hungarian government provided 8.5 million euros for the complete reconstruction of the castle and its surroundings. A permanent exhibition has opened in the castle. Hundreds of Hungarian and Slovak politicians, representatives of churches and social organisations took part in the handover ceremony.

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