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Ader discusses waste water management in podcast

President Janos Ader on Monday discussed novel methods of waste water management in his Blue Planet (Kek bolygo) podcast with Attila Bodnar, co-chair of Organica, a company installing waste water purifying systems in 18 countries worldwide.

Besides traditionally used micro-organisms, Organica also uses plants and other higher-level organisms to achieve a more effective facility taking up less space, using less energy and emitting less carbon dioxide, Bodnar said.

Organica has 120 facilities in 18 countries on 4 continents, he said. The company is in close cooperation with one of the largest French water suppliers, among others, he added.

Ader noted that while most of waste water is purified before allowed to flow back into natural waters in Hungary, some 80-90 percent of waste water in Africa, Asia and South America is not. With increasing water use, pollution also grows, endangering the water supply of the people, industry and agriculture of those regions, he said.

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