Ader discusses replacement of plastic plates, cutlery on podcast

On his Blue Planet (Kek bolygo) podcast streamed on Tuesday, President Janos Ader discussed alternatives to plastic tableware with Gabor Vaszko, the co-owner of Civita Group, a manufacturer of edible, corn-based plates and cups.

While climate change has made most of Europe unsuitable for toxin-free corn farming, Hungary can still deliver good quality products from GMO- and chemical-free corn, Vaszko said.

Western European countries are willing to pay a higher price for such products, but Hungarian consumers will have to be educated to do so, he said.

By-products of corn processing can be used to manufacture “tasty plates and cups that can be eaten after use, and which decompose within weeks if discarded,” he said.

Ader noted that the product will be showcased at the Planet Budapest 2021 sustainability expo taking place from Nov. 29 to Dec. 5.

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