Janos Ader – Photo: wikipedia

Ader discusses food waste in podcast

One-third of food produced in the developed world never reaches the consumers, President Janos Ader said in his Blue Planet (Kek bolygo) podcast on Monday, in a discussion with the developer of Munch, an app designed to reduce food waste.

Albert Wettstein said Munch contains a list of some 300 restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other partners offering to sell leftover, good quality food at half-price.

While easing the burden on the environment, the app developed by university students also offers a good deal to consumers and restaurants, he said.

The app is operational in Hungary and Romania’s Transylvania region, he said. So far, it has saved some 60,000 portions of food from being wasted, he added.

While several businessmen have invested 30 million forints (EUR 83,000) in the app, the developers are on the search for further seasoned players seeing environmental protection as a business opportunity rather than charity work, Wettstein said. They are also working on a strategic partnership with the Food Bank, and with the Maltese Charity to provide food packages to those in need, he said.

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