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Abandoned industrial site at Deli railway station may soon be revamped

A project to revamp the abandoned industrial site next to Deli railway station on the Buda side of the capital and turn it into a recreational park may begin soon, the mayor of the 1st district said before a session of the City Assembly on Wednesday.

The district municipality shares ownership of the area with national railway company MAV, which wants the entire area to have a single owner, Marta Naszalyi (Parbeszed) told a press conference, adding that MAV wants to offload 8,000sqm adjacent to Meszaros Street, half as part of an exchange deal and half for purchase at a discounted price.

At a Dec 7 assembly meeting, the offer was accepted in a vote, paving the way for talks on the proposed deal.

She said the area is Buda’s most valuable development area and a recreational park would be created there. After community planning, the final design would be agreed on, she said.

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