Leading chefs share recipes

A window to the flavours of Colombia

Colombian embassies and their ambassadors in nine countries including Hungary have joined forces to produce a cookbook containing recipes by six of the South American country’s most creative chefs, an initiative designed to counter-balance the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21 that has curtailed most of the nation’s cultural activities.

The book is titled „Kolumbiai Körút Tizenkét Fogásban” in Hungarian and “Tripping in Colombia Through Twelve Dishes” in English, with all recipes and other information printed in these two languages as well as Colombia’s native Spanish. Contributing alongside the Republic of Colombia Embassy team in Budapest led by Ambassador Carmenza Jaramillo were Austria, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Vietnam.

“Tripping in Colombia Through Twelve Dishes”was created within the framework of the Plan for the Promotion of Colombia Abroad, under the auspices of the nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The six chefs are Paula Silva, Álvaro Clavijo,  Antonuella Ariza, Eduardo Martinez, María Buenaventura and Rey Guerrero.

The ministry said it is very pleasant to introduce a publication that, beyond presenting recipes, offers a view of the admirable wealth of the national gastronomy.

“We could say, without fear of being wrong, that this wealth is determined by the existence of varied and favourable climatic conditions and a pretty diversified agriculture in Colombia,” the ministry said. “However we cannot forget that it is the perseverance and curiosity of the chefs due to which the generous pantry from Colombia comes to the table as unique dishes.

“Thanks to this enormous effort, the world gets a acquainted with the new Colombian kitchen, a movement in which the ancestral culinary traditions of the country are integrated in the contemporary high-level cuisine processes and techniques.”

The recipes open a door to some exclusive products from the tropics, such as zapallo (squash), uchuva (golden berries) and mandioca (cassava). So, here are such dishes as Panna cotta of golden berry, Sunflower seed praliné, Hearts of palm in coffee and cocoa sauce on mashed manioc, Empanadas de pipián (vegetarian version) , Seafood casserole and seafood rice, and Tamalitos de pipián with peanut ají (vegetarian version, traditionally prepared with pork).

The book advises that Colombian embassies organise virtual and face-to-face cooking classes and conferences with Colombian chefs who are nationally and internationally recognised.

Website of the Colombian Embassy in Hungary: https://hungria.embajada.gov.co/

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