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1956 anniversary marked in Strasbourg

Kinga Gal, MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz said "Hungary would not allow others to decide about its fate, just as it will reject foreign ideologies forced upon it," at a commemoration marking the anniversary of Hungary's 1956 anti-Soviet revolt, in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

“We must remember the events of 1956 to see what freedom means for us and why we have to fight for it again and again,” Gal told the celebration organised by Hungary’s permanent representation in the European Council building.

“When we enter into heated debates or disagree with the European mainstream on basic issues, it is because we put our national interests in the focus . this is the basis for the Hungarian nation’s survival,” she said.

“Hungary believes in a strong, prosperous Europe, which is able to protect its citizens, in which Christian traditions and such values as freedom, fidelity and heroism are respected, and where cooperation is based on mutual respect,” Gal said in her address.

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