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1956 anti-Soviet uprising commemorated at online conference

Hungarians rose up when they were betrayed by the major global powers because they are a free people, Human Resources Minister Miklos Kasler said in a letter read out at an online conference commemorating Hungary's failed anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 on Tuesday.

The Hungarian people were never ones to tolerate oppression for too long, as “sovereignty is a defining element of the Hungarian soul”, Kasler said in the letter.

“But Hungarians have always preferred voicing their dissatisfaction to their rulers through a constitutional avenue,” he added.

“Another key element of the Hungarian soul is the sacred sense of purpose,” Kasler wrote, highlighting the example of former lawmaker Janos Horvath, who had participated in the revolution after which he was forced to leave the country for 41 years.

Maria Wittner, who was sentenced to death for her involvement in the uprising before the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, emphasised the importance of “always speaking the truth, even if it is uncomfortable”.

“There are still many things left to research and many crimes that have yet to be uncovered,” she said.

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