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Socialists: EU body to assess request for immunity certificate to eastern vaccine recipients

A European Union body will assess a Hungarian request to extend immunity certificates to recipients of eastern vaccines against the coronavirus if they get an EU-recognised booster jab, Istvan Ujhelyi, an MEP of the opposition Socialists, said on Sunday.

Ujhelyi told a press conference streamed on Facebook that he had been lobbying the European Commission to allow Hungarian citizens who had been vaccinated with non EU-recognised Chinese and Russian jabs to get an EU immunity certificate once they take out a booster jab.

He said he had received a written response from EC President Ursula von der Leyen stating that the issue would be discussed by the EU health security committee.

The committee is made up of representatives of EU member states’ health authorities, including a Hungarian delegate who will have “to fight to make other member states understand the problems essentially caused by the government that now affect hundreds of thousands of Hungarians,” Ujhelyi said.

“I’ve done everything I could in my power as an MEP, now it’s up to the government to make the necessary efforts,” he added.

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