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Separated Siamese twin undergoes reconstructive surgery

One of the Siamese twins separated by a team of Hungarian and Bangladeshi doctors in 2019, Rokaiya, underwent reconstructive surgery before Christmas in an operation led by Hungarian plastic surgeon Gergely Pataki in Bangladesh.
29. December 2022 11:37

Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Adbul Momen visited the 6-year-old twins in the hospital and praised the successful cooperation, the Foundation for Defenceless People said in a statement.

The team completed several other operations in Bangladesh in December, including a complicated seven-hour procedure.

Rokaiya and Rabeya were separated in a 33-hour operation organised by the Foundation for Defenceless People in August 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in what was the third step of a series of procedures. After the fourth step this December, Rokaiya and Rabeya have returned to spend Christmas in their village, where Rabeya has started attending school while Rokaiya, who lives with multiple disabilities, continues to receive developmental therapy.

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