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Semmelweis University offers new simplified treatment for type 2 diabetes patients

A new therapy successfully used by Semmelweis University aims to simplify insulin treatment for type 2 diabetes patients, the university said on its website on Wednesday.

The treatment which is available under public health insurance reduces injection frequency and blood glucose checks, and patients also experience fewer side effects.

As part of the treatment regimen, patients were switched from 4 insulin injections a day to a once-daily, fixed-ratio combination, while the monitoring of blood sugar levels was transitioned to twice a month.

The university cited Peter Kempler, professor at Semmelweis University and president of the Central European Diabetes Association, who introduced the therapy at the clinic, saying that “patients no longer need to prick their fingers multiple times a day for blood sugar level monitoring as checking once or twice a week is enough”.

The university said that that the method had been first investigated by a group of Hungarian clinicians in Bekescsaba, south-eastern Hungary, and is also among the 2023 recommendations of the American Diabetes Association. “Despite its proven effectiveness and the beneficial impact it has on patients’ quality of life, the method is not widely utilized worldwide,” it added.

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