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Retvari: 3 million people using state health app

The state-backed health app that contains people's complete health documentation is now being used by 3 million citizens, a government health official said on Tuesday.

From July 1, patients will be able to book an appointment for outpatient specialist care using the app, Bence Retvari, the parliamentary state secretary of the interior ministry told a conference.

He said that owing to developments in the health sector, life expectancy at birth has increased from 74.7 to 76.9 years since 2010, and the number of healthy years went up from 57.5 to 62.5.

Whereas the OECD member states have an average of 3.2 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, Hungary has 3.3, as against the EU average of 4.

Addressing current shortcomings, he said the outpatient management system must be improved and doctors and nurses should be relieved of red tape.

Retvari said the fact that 3 million people were now using the app, with 2.5 million logins taking place each month, would help to smooth out the mismatches between the typical availability of doctors and the times that patients tended to book appointments.

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