Cecilia Muller – Photo: Youtube

Muller urges people to get third jab

Hungary's chief medical officer has urged the Hungarian public to get vaccinated with a third shot, explaining that more antigens are needed in the body in light of new variants of the coronavirus.
22. November 2021 6:47

Cecilia Muller, in an interview to public radio on Sunday, highlighted the national vaccination campaign in the coming week. People who want a first, second or third jab can turn up at one of many designated vaccination points from 7am to 7pm without having to register or make an appointment she said.

Muller said it was evident that vaccination was the best way for people to protect themselves against Covid-19.

“I trust that concerns, misconceptions and misinformation will be trumped by common sense,” she said.

However, protection lasts for 4-6 months, she said, compared with the previous estimates of around a year, adding that the genetic makeup of the virus had changed considerably since the emergence of the original Wuhan strain, thus necessitating more intensive antigenic activity to ensure protection.

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