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Mi Hazank: Government should reject global pandemic pact

The opposition Mi Hazank movement has called on the government to register an objection to the World Health Organisation's planned pandemic pact, arguing that it undermined national sovereignty and curbed human freedom.
29. November 2023 17:25

Laszlo Toroczkai, the party’s leader, told a press conference on Wednesday that the government had a single day to express an objection to “unbelievably dangerous” amendment to the WHO health regulations before the deadline.

The WHO would gain rights that “imperil self-determination of the Hungarian people in the area of health” as well as the country’s sovereignty.

Digital vaccination certificates, he noted, would be part of the agreement. This may prevent the free movement, travel, and employment of Hungarian citizens who have not been vaccinated against covid or other diseases, he added.

Toroczkai said the government’s talk about protecting sovereignty was disingenuous.

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