Photo: MTI

Merkely: Three jabs are full vaccination

The Omicron variant of Covid is highly infectious, and full protection is only provided by a booster jab, the rector of Semmelweis University said on Friday, in Kossuth Radio's Good morning, Hungary programme.

Bela Merkely said that a fifth wave is under way in Hungary, caused by the Omicron variant. Due to Omicron’s highly infectious nature, tens of thousands of cases can be expected, but those vaccinated could only experience mild ailments of the upper respiratory tract – a running nose, throat pain and headaches, and fever for a day or two. Those unvaccinated could be hospitalised in larger numbers, but the proportion of serious cases could stay below that of the third or the fourth wave.

Speaking on M1 television news channel, the expert warned that false news in the media could compromise people’s willingness to get vaccinated thus contributing to higher case numbers and the likelihood of more deaths, adding that people should only accept information from creditable sources.

Vaccination is the only solution against coronavirus, because it can significantly decrease the risk of hospitalisation, he stressed.

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