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LMP demands monitoring stations at chemical plants

Opposition LMP will submit a motion to parliament on setting up monitoring stations at plants that produce hazardous chemicals, the party's deputy group leader said in front of a battery plant in Komarom, in northern Hungary, where an accident occurred over the weekend.

Eight workers of the plant were taken to hospital after hydrogen cyanide was released into the air, party MP Antal Csardi told journalists. In a similar accident in January, 12 workers needed treatment, he said.

“It’s clear that the criteria for the operation of plants producing hazardous chemicals in Hungary are not in place. LMP, as Hungary’s Green Party, will submit written questions to the government, asking how it plans to guarantee the protection of the environment” and locals, said Csardi.

LMP also wants the government to tighten inspections and set fines in proportion to those plants’ revenues.

Meanwhile, SK On Hungary Kft, the Komarom plant’s operator, said on Tuesday that no dangerous substances had been detected in the air around the plant on March 31. It cited findings of mobile lab inspections by the local disaster management authority and police showing no harmful amounts of hazardous chemicals in the air.

Eight workers complaining of headache underwent a medical examination and were all released afterwards, the company said in a statement, adding that it had ordered an internal inspection of the accident and would take further measures to prevent any future accidents.

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