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LMP calls for regular water sample checks in battery plants

Opposition LMP is calling for legal regulations to stipulate regular checks of water samples in battery plants and wants a committee hearing of the energy minister concerning reports about a battery plant in God.
18. January 2023 16:12

LMP lawmaker Laszlo Lorant Keresztes, head of parliament’s sustainable development committee, told a press conference on Wednesday that according to information acquired by investigative website Atlatszo through a court procedure, no water samples had been taken from a well at the God plant since 2016 and it was covered over in 2018. Hazardous substances used by the plant had been found in local water resources according to tests ordered by the God-ERT organisation at the time, he added.

The government wants to make Hungary a “battery production empire” without introducing even the minimum level of measures that could be expected in the interest of the population, he insisted.

LMP will again submit a proposal to parliament to introduce legal regulations that oblige battery plants to regularly check water samples, he added.

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