Miklos Kasler – Photo: Flickr

Kasler: Oncology in Hungary making steady progress

Developments in oncology in Hungary are making steady progress but cancer is still the world's "most serious" disease, Miklos Kasler, the minister for human resources, said marking World Cancer Day on Friday.
5. February 2022 6:28

There is a long tradition in oncology research, diagnostics, therapy and epidemiological data collection in Hungary, the minister told a news conference. In 1993, at the invitation of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hungary drew up its first European cancer control programme, which has been continuously renewed since and became a government programme in 2018, he noted.

Its aim is to compile and implement a national action programme to curb cancer mortality and make increase the efficacy of treatments, he said, adding that its components involve prevention, screening, early diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation.

Cervical cancer screening started in 1993, followed by breast screening launched in 2002, and colon and rectal cancer screening at the population level in 2018, he noted. Their effectiveness, however, largely depends on the participation rate.

Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) started in 2014 for girls in the 7th grade and boys in their last school year, with 80 percent of girls and 66 percent of boys receiving the vaccination, which it is obligatory to recommend.

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