Miklos Kasler – Photo: Flickr

Kasler highlights Russia-central Europe oncology cooperation

Cooperation between the Russian Oncology Society and the Central and Eastern European Academy of Oncology is "strong and continuous", Human Resources Minister Miklos Kasler told a press conference on Wednesday.
30. September 2021 6:21

Kasler said that the CEEOA, set up with Hungarian government financing in cooperation with 20 other countries, was “a significant international body that could partner with any scientific society or academy throughout the world”.

Oncology cooperation between the CEEOA and Russia may contribute to the treatment of some 500 million people, Kasler said, adding that its scope included such areas as epidemiology, prevention, early diagnosis, screening, therapy, research, education and clinical research.

Andrey Kaprin, the head of Russia’s national medical radiology research centre (NMRRC), who attended the press conference online, called setting up the CEEOA a “very wise decision”, and noted the academy’s role in international cooperation concerning efforts against the coronavirus pandemic.

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