Infectologist: Hospitalisations steadily rising

The number of patients hospitalised as a result of coronavirus infection is steadily growing but it is lower than in the same period of last year, a top infectologist of the South Pest Central Hospital said on Tuesday.
27. October 2021 6:27

Janos Szlavik told public news channel M1 that it is difficult to project the development of the epidemic because it is caused by the Delta variant of coronavirus which is significantly more infectious than previous variants. At the same time, he said the fourth wave was likely to peak in November or December.

Vaccination is now especially important because the vaccinated are much less likely to transmit the infection, he said. Additionally, it provides 80-90 percent protection against severe illness from the infection, Szlavik said.

In response to a question about the need to reintroduce protective measures in Hungary, he said “something will certainly need to be done”. Based on current epidemiological data, if the pandemic worsens,¬†¬†Hungary will have to take action following the example of other European countries, he said.

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