Illustration - Photo: MTI

Government to provide HUF 12.2 billion in funding to shorten waiting times in health care

The government will provide a subsidy of 12.2 billion forints (EUR 34.2m) to hospitals to reduce waiting times for operations cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the human resources ministry said in a statement on Friday.
25. September 2021 7:56

The government wants “each patient to get an early diagnosis and receive treatment as soon as possible”, the ministry said, adding that they expected a “drastic reduction” in waiting times.

The ministry noted that elective treatments had been postponed for months during the earlier waves of the pandemic. Planned operations and rehabilitation resumed on May 13.

Out of the grand total, hospitals will receive 3.5 billion forints this year and 8.7 billion in 2022, the statement said.

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