DK: Hungary slips to 17th place in full vaccination in EU

Hungary has slipped to rank 17th in terms of the proportion of its population vaccinated fully against Covid-19 on average in the European Union, a politician of the opposition Democratic Coalition said on Friday, blaming "the poor showing" on the government.

The government has been incapable of tackling the pandemic since its first wave, Zoltan Komaromi, a health expert of the party, told an online press conference, criticising the government over its “inefficient” protection, prevention and national vaccination measures.

At the end of the summer, mass vaccinations came to a halt, he said, adding that “the Orban government is risking the life of Hungarians when it is incapable of organising mass vaccinations”.

As a result, figures show Hungary with 67,4 percent of adults having received their first jab, compared with the EU average of 75,5 percent, Komaromi said. The proportion of adults fully vaccinated in the EU is 66,8 percent, whereas in Hungary it is 64,8 percent, he said.

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