Photo: Raimond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons

DK: 1.5 million coronavirus tests ‘locked away from public’

Some 1.5 million coronavirus tests are warehoused in Hungary, "locked away, unused, from the public," a board member of the Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Friday.
18. September 2021 8:20

Olga Kalman told a press conference that last year DK had submitted a request for information of public interest on the number and route of coronavirus tests that the foreign ministry had channeled into the health-care system. The data obtained showed that the national health-care supply centre “could not account for some 1.5 million tests,” she said.

The party sued the National Hospital Directorate, and the “the results showed the missing tests were gathering dust in a warehouse,” she said.

“Meanwhile, people are requested to pay nearly 20,000 forints [EUR 57] for tests at every turn,” Kalman said.

DK has been demanding mass testing since the coronavirus pandemic started, “but the government refuses to act responsibly and does not attempt to protect the health of Hungarians,” she said.

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