Coronavirus – 53 deaths, 3,325 new infections over weekend

Altogether 53 patients died of a Covid-related illness over the weekend, while 3,325 new coronavirus infections were registered, said on Monday.

So far 6,406,103 people have received a first jab, while 6,192,048 have been double-jabbed. Fully 3,861,218 Hungarians have received a booster third shot and 284,966 a fourth shot.

The number of active infections went down to 59,986, while hospitals are treating 1,460 Covid-19 patients, 40 of whom are intubated on a ventilator.

Since the first outbreak, 1,894,278 have been registered with the virus, while 46,101 deaths have been recorded. Fully 1,788,191 people have made a recovery.

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