Coronavirus – 270 deaths, 21,219 new infections over weekend

Altogether 270 patients died of a Covid-related illness over the weekend, while 21,219 new coronavirus infections were registered, said on Monday.
17. January 2022 15:49

Fully 29 percent of new infections have been caused by the Omicron variant.

So far 6,319,434 people have received a first jab, while 6,059,382 have been fully vaccinated. Fully 3,417,089 Hungarians have received a booster jab.

The number of active infections has risen to 137,951, while hospitals are treating 2,630 Covid-19 patients, 228 of whom are intubated on a ventilator.

Since the first outbreak, 1,348,233 have been registered with the virus, while 40,507 deaths have been recorded. Fully 1,169,775 people have made a recovery.

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