Chief medical officer: Omicron responsible for 98 percent of infections

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus caused 98 percent of all infections last week, Hungary's chief medical officer said on Thursday, and called on Hungarians to take the third jab to bolster protection, which she said waned four months after the second jab.
11. February 2022 6:41

Cecilia Muller told news channel M1 that the “stealth” subvariant of omicron, which is more difficult to detect than other subvariants, is more infectious than other subvariants but its clinical symptoms are similar.

Meanwhile, trace amounts of the coronavirus in waste water, an indicator of trends of the epidemic in the coming weeks, stagnated last week, Muller said. The method was developed by Hungary’s National Public Health Centre (NNK),  and the WHO is recommending it for use in other countries, Muller said.

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