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Budapest mayor orders masks to be worn in metropolitan venues

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony has ordered masks to be worn inside metropolitan venues such as theatres and cinemas from Nov. 1.
29. October 2021 6:29

Karacsony said on Facebook on Thursday that he had called on the government to introduce a blanket rule on wearing masks indoors in light of the worsening Covid situation.

The mayor called on the general public to get inoculated, adding that the city’s administration is sending a letter to all municipal employees with the same request.

Referring to a government decision announced earlier today on authorising companies to require the vaccination of their staff, Karacsony said he would start talks with the city’s companies and their unions to decide which jobs the requirement should apply to. He added that “nearly all” staff in elderly care homes would likely fall into that category.

Karacsony slammed the government for “trying to pass the responsibility on to employers and municipalities while withholding information”, and urged the cabinet to hold talks with municipalities before Thursday’s government decisions take effect.

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