Air quality continues to worsen across Hungary

Air quality has deteriorated across Hungary due to a high concentration of airborne particulates, the National Public Health Centre (NNK) said on Thursday.
29. October 2021 6:26

NNK said air quality has deteriorated to unhealthy levels in Debrecen, Nyiregyhaza, Kazincbarcika, Sajoszentpeter, Tatabanya and Varpalota.

Concentrations of particulates are also considered to be too high in sixteen other cities and towns, including Budapest, Esztergom, Dunaujvaros, Kecskemet, Szeged and Veszprem, NNK said.

Forecasts show air quality is expected to worsen over the next couple of days.

NNK has advised vulnerable groups such as people suffering from respiratory problems in those cities to have their quick-relief medicine handy at all times.

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