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Ukraine circus directors meet in Budapest, discuss show opportunities

The directors of Ukrainian circuses have held their international meeting in Budapest because of the war in Ukraine, the Capital Circus of Budapest said on Tuesday.

Peter Fekete, director general of the national circus-art centre, invited the Ukrainian directors at their general assembly session in Lviv in February to hold their meeting in Budapest between May 19-21, the circus said in a statement.

At the Budapest meeting, Fekete noted that the centre had provided accommodation, education and health-care services as well as participation at the Budapest Circus’ shows to more than 120 young Ukrainian circus artists since the outbreak of the war.

The Ukrainian experts gave an outline of the structure and operation of their country’s State Circus Company, circus groups and the current situation of the industry. They said that most of Ukraine’s cultural institutions are either closed or re-open only for a short period because of the war. “But the companies and groups keep working, knowing that people need the happiness and entertainment circuses can offer,” the statement quoted them as saying.

The Budapest meeting also offered an opportunity to discuss further possibilities for the Ukrainian artists to perform in shows in the Capital Circus and in Hungarian private circuses as well as in various concerts and theatre projects.

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