Renoir's Landscape. Le Cannett

Museum of Fine Arts opens Renoir show

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest opened an exhibition including 70 works of French Impressionist giant August Renoir on Thursday.

The exhibition will run through January 7.

In his greeting screened at the opening, Culture and Innovation Minister Janos Csak said Renoir’s art “helps people find their harmonic place in the universe, and in their wider and smaller community.”

Claire Bernardi, the director of the Musee del’Orangerie in Paris, said that besides being the first Renoir exhibition of this scale in Hungary, the show was also the first time Renoir’s famous Reclining Nude (Gabrielle) would be shown in the same space with two paintings “originally born as its twins”, on loan from the Musee del’Orangerie and the Musee d’Orsay.

The Budapest museum’s director, Laszlo Baan, called the purchase of “Gabrielle” the museum’s most valuable acquisition in the past 100 years.

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