Hungary nominates Blockade for Oscar

Hungary is nominating Blockade, a film about the October 1990 taxi drivers' blockade, for the 2023 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, the National Film Institute (NFI) said on Thursday.

The film is about the blockade taxi drivers mounted with their cars in Budapest and later across the country in protest against drastic petrol price hikes.

“Blockade isn’t just a chronicle of the four days of unrest led by taxi drivers; it also shows the struggles behind the scenes of a prime minister fighting for democracy,” NFI said in its synopsis.

Blockade is directed by Adam Toser. The lead actors are Zoltan Seress, Attila Vidnyanszky Jr, Tibor Gaspar, Zsolt Vegh and Ildiko Toth. The film will be screened at Hungarian cinemas from Oct. 20.

The shortlist of Oscar nominations will be published on Jan. 24.

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