Finance Minister Mihaly Varga (Photo: MTI / Tibor Illyés)

Varga: Tax evasion in Hungary plunges to all-time low

Government measures to whiten the economy have worked spectacularly, Mihaly Varga, the finance minister, said, noting that the tax evasion rate was 21 percent in 2013 before dropping to 6.6 percent by 2019.

This means Hungary is performing better on this score than many Western European countries, Varga told MTI, commenting on the European Commission’s VAT study.

He said the European Commission has acknowledged Hungary’s results, adding that Hungary had been among European Union countries with the highest rate of tax evasion.

The minister noted that the government began its campaign to whiten the economy in 2014, when the use of online cash registers became obligatory. A raft of other measures followed in subsequent years, he added. As a result, the rate of decline in tax evasion in Hungary was the sharpest among European countries in 2018, Varga said.

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