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Opposition accuses government of blocking investigation of graft

Politicians of the united opposition have accused the government of blocking their initiatives aimed at revealing corruption cases and affairs concerning Hungary's NATO and EU membership.

Zita Gurmai, the Socialists’ deputy group leader, told a press conference after a meeting of parliament’s justice committee on Tuesday that ruling Fidesz “is openly defending Pal Volner as a mafia ring” by refusing the setting up of a parliamentary committee to investigate allegations that the former justice state secretary had accepted regular bribes from the president of Hungary’s branch of bailiffs.

Laszlo Lorant Keresztes, LMP’s parliamentary group leader, said the governing parties had rejected an investigation with “trumped up excuses” in the corruption case that “has engulfed the entire government”.

Laszlo Sebian-Petrovszki, member of the justice committee for the Democratic Coalition (DK), said the allied ruling parties’ committee members had not supported the opposition initiative to allow decision on Hungary’s exit from NATO or the EU only in a referendum rather than with a simple parliamentary majority.

Bence Tordai, Parbeszed’s deputy group leader, demanded “getting rid of every Hungarian outlet of Vladimir Putin” including the International Investment Bank (IIB). He also demanded terminating the upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant.

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