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Number of registered jobseekers falls to record low

The number of registered jobseekers was at an all-time low in January-February, the ministry of economic development said on Friday.

In February, 245,121 people were unemployed, down by 7,000 from February 2022 and a record low, the ministry said in a statement.

The number of jobholders has been around 4.7 million for 8 consecutive months, the ministry added.

The government is continuing its work to protect families, pensioners and to maintain full employment at a time when war and sanctions are weighing on the economy, the statement said. It has launched a 700 billion forint (EUR 1.9bn) re-industrialisation scheme and a 600 billion forint capital investment programme, while ploughing 7 billion into support schemes to help the training and employment of jobseekers, the statement said.

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