The building of the NBH in Budapest – Photo: wikimedia

Less than half of retail borrowers remain in repayment moratorium

Less than half of the eligible retail borrowers are still participating in the repayment moratorium, National Bank of Hungary (NBH) spokesman Istvan Binder said on Thursday.

Of corporate debtors, around 20,000 have decided to exit the moratorium, he added.

Binder said 1.15 million families and 25,000-30,000 businesses now remain in the moratorium.

Fully 2,800-2,900 billion forints of retail loans and 1,900 billion of corporate debt are affected by the moratorium, he said, adding that the NBH hopes that this will soon decline considerably.

A blanket repayment moratorium the government rolled out in the spring of 2020 was recently extended until the end of October, while a conditional moratorium for vulnerable borrowers will be available until the end of June 2022.

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