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Industry output up 5.9 percent in October

Hungarian industrial output grew by an annual 5.9 percent in October, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said in a second reading of data on Wednesday.

Adjusted for the number of working days, output increased by 5.1 percent.

Output of the automotive industry, Hungary’s biggest manufacturing sector, rose by 32.1 percent, albeit from a low base hit by the semiconductor shortage, KSH said.

Growth of the segment edged higher from 31.6 percent in the previous month.

The automotive segment accounted for 25 percent of manufacturing sector output in October.

The detailed data show output of the computer, electronics and optical equipment segment, accounting for 11 percent of manufacturing, rose by an annual 20.1 percent.

Output of the food, drinks and tobacco segment, which made up 13 percent of manufacturing sector output, was down by 1.1 percent as domestic and foreign sales both fell.

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