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Hungary tourism ‘exceeded expectations’ in 2022

Hungary's tourism sector performed "beyond expectations" last year and is on track to top record numbers in 2019, the head of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTU) said on Monday.

The number of guest nights spent at commercial accommodations last year came close to 40 million, up by 40 percent from the previous year, Zoltan Guller told a press conference.

Some 14.2 million guests stayed at commercial accommodations, 4 million in Budapest, he said. Foreign tourists accounted for 82 percent of visitors in the capital, Guller added. He said that foreign tourists had started to return to Hungary in numbers recorded before the pandemic. Most of them came from Germany, followed by tourists from Czechia, Romania, Britain and Poland, he added.

Revenue from commercial accommodations totalled 668 billion forints (EUR 1.7bn) by the end of the year, up 52 percent on 2021 adjusted for inflation.

Catering revenues rose by 24 percent in real terms to 1,490 billion forints, Guller said.

In terms of spending, German tourists came to the top with around 35 billion forints spent in Hungary last year, said Guller.

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