The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz: Tying recovery funds to global minimum tax ‘unlawful’

It is "incorrect and unlawful" by Brussels to tie the transfer of recovery funds due to Hungary to the approval of the global minimum tax, the head of parliament's economic committee said on Thursday.

Erik Banki said that the Brussels elite were still making every effort to force member states to introduce the global minimum tax. The approval of the global minimum tax would double the tax burden on Hungarian companies, he said. “This would be unacceptable even in peacetime but outrageous at a time of war,” he said.

Banki said the European Parliament “went further down the slide” when it yielded to left-wing pressure on Monday and passed a resolution that deprives Hungary of its right to represent its interests and position, he said. They went as far as making threats to hold back the transfer of recovery fund money, he added.

“Instead of causing Europe a disadvantage in competition at the time of war, Brussels should work on restoring peace with no delay,” he said.

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