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Economy Ministry: Government approves further regulations to protect jobs, economy

In an effort to protect Hungarian families and jobs, the government has decided to set the maximum number of residence permits available for guest workers at 65,000 in 2024, and it has defined 300 professions in which jobs must not be given to guest workers from third countries, the economy ministry said on Thursday.

In line with current regulations, foreign workers can only be used if Hungarians are unavailable to fill those jobs, the statement said.

For more than two decades, a quota has been in force for the number of guest workers, which is set at the average number of available jobs in the previous two quarters, it added. In line with Central Statistical Office figures, the quota would allow 81,000 guest workers in 2024, but the government has decided to reduce this to 65,000 this year, the ministry said.

The 300 professions in which guest workers are not allowed at all include roofers, industrial alpinists, toolmakers, cultural managers, legal assistants, photographers, grape and fruit growers and lift repairers.

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