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Economic development minister: Growth, fiscal balance can be restored simultaneously

Economic growth and the fiscal balance in Hungary can be restored by increasing real wages, which is key to stimulating consumption and speeding up growth, the economic development minister said in Budapest on Monday.

Hungary is emerging “from a storm” and “is past a turning point”, and now needs “strategic calm”, Marton Nagy told a conference marking the 55th anniversary of the establishment of daily Vilaggazdasag.

He said 2023 was a year “of pushing down inflation”, and the main goal next year was to refuel economic growth by stimulating consumption.

Nagy attributed the budget deficit increase primarily to lower-than-expected revenues, mostly in VAT. “Around 900-950 billion forints less VAT flowed into the budget than expected so far this year,” the minister said.

Hungary’s tax system heavily relies on consumption, and VAT revenues in proportion to all tax revenues are among the highest in the EU, so as consumption rises and VAT revenues increase again, the fiscal balance will improve, he said.

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