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EC approves Hungary CAP Strategic Plan

The European Commission on Monday approved Hungary's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan for 2023-2027, clearing the way for the transfer of some 8.4 billion euros in funding.

Under the plan, Hungary will spend at least 2 billion euros of the funds on green programmes and environmental and climate objectives, while 186 million euros will be used to support farmers, according to a statement by the EC.

In its justification, the commission said Hungary’s plan offers a wide range of interventions aimed at a fairer distribution of the funds and facilitates the setting-up of at least 8,800 young farmers. The plan also prioritises the upgrade of some 7,700 farms, the statement said.

Hungary allocates 38 percent of the rural development budget to agri-environmental interventions, 8 percent to the development of organic farming and about 5 percent to the protection of Natura 2000 sites, which cover 162,631 hectares, the EC said. The country has also committed to doubling the area of organic farms by 2027, it added.

The commission said Hungary’s planned schemes contribute to sustainable nutrient management, the reduction of fertiliser application and ammonia emissions. Also, the rural development measures will help boost the local crafts and artisanal sectors, as well as local ecotourism and gastronomic and cultural festivals, it added.

Around 30 percent of the rural population will benefit from improved and more accessible services, the EC said, adding that the supported projects will create at least 7,000 jobs.

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