Dijnet is a unit of state-owned postal company Magyar Posta

55% still pay their bills using postal cheques

Almost one-fifth of Hungarians switch to e-billing because of pandemic

About 19 percent of Hungarians made the switch to digital billing while the country went into temporary lockdown in the spring to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, a survey commissioned by electronic billing service provider Dijnet shows.

About 28 percent of Hungarians say they would prefer to pay their bills electronically, according to the representative survey of people between the ages of 20 and 69. Even so, 55 percent of respondents continue to use paper postal cheques to pay their bills.

Dijnet noted that e-bills account for about 69 percent of mobile telecommunication service providers’ billing, while three-quarters of Hungarians still pay their water bills using postal cheques.

Dijnet, a unit of state-owned postal company Magyar Posta, has more than 767,000 registered users.

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