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V4 exhibition opens in Visegrad

Central Europe's future is in cooperation, and in the common representation of the region's interests in the international scene, the state secretary for European Union Development Policy at the Ministry of Human Resources said, opening an exhibition on the 30th anniversary of the Visegrad group's cooperation.

In her address in the northern Hungarian town of Visegrad, Eszter Vitalyos called the Visegrad Group a model of successful regional cooperation within the European Union that shapes the group’s policies and enhances the economic competitiveness of its four member states.

“The Visegrad Group represents the common sense, cooperation, loyalty and the power that is needed for restarting life in Europe after the coronavirus pandemic,” Vitalyos said.

Polish Ambassador Jerzy Snopek said that Hungarian Prime Minister Jozsef Antall’s initiative to set up the alliance resulted in a “historic event”.

He said that the Visegrad countries are strong promoters of sovereign states and reject the concept of a federal European Union.

“Sharing common principles and values, the Visegrad group ensures to the four member states greater security, more power and better cooperation,” Snopek said. The ambassador wished Hungary much success with its V4 presidency the country took over for twelve months on July 1.

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