The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Trocsanyi: ‘EP move to table legislation contradicts spirit of EU treaties’

Fidesz MEP Laszlo Trocsanyi said on Thursday that giving the European Parliament the right to directly initiate legislation would contravene the spirit of the European Union's treaties.

Trocsanyi, a former Hungarian justice minister, issued a statement in response to EP approval of a report which recommends allowing the body to directly table legislation.

“This would curb the powers of the European Commission,” Trocsanyi said in a statement. “It would also upset the institutional balance while contravening the spirit of EU treaties.”

“The bearers of sovereignty are national parliaments, not the European Parliament,” he added.

The EP also addressed the issue of the rule of law in Hungary in connection with the initiative, Trocsanyi noted.

“What has Hungarian rule of law got to do with the EP’s report about its right to initiate legislation?” Trocsanyi said, noting the April landslide re-election of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance. “The Hungarian people clearly expressed their view that they disagree with the rule-of-law related concerns in connection with Hungary,” he added.


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