Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (r) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - Photo: PMO

Szijjarto: Turkiye to be strategic partner before end-2023

Further improving cooperation with Turkiye is "one of the most important priorities" for the Hungarian government, and "the level of ties will be elevated to strategic partnership" before the end of the year, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Budapest on Friday.

Addressing a reception marking Turkiye’s national holiday at the Turkish embassy, Szijjarto referred to the wars in Ukraine and Israel, and said “countries ensuring security and stability to entire regions”, such as Turkiye, are “highly appreciated”.

Hungary is committed to achieving peace and settling conflicts through diplomacy, and “highly appreciates countries that are successful in making peace.”

Contrary to those that think that “conditions for peace will improve over time, the Hungarian government thinks that chances for peace are getting worse by the day,” he said.

Highlighting Turkiye’s role in mediating last year’s agreement concerning grain exports from Ukraine, Szijjarto said “we are looking to the Turkish government to continue its efforts in the interest of peace”.

Meanwhile, he said “unless Turkiye stopped waves of migration, we in Europe would face serious challenges and might not be in the position to handle them successfully.”

On the subject of energy supplies, Szijjarto said Hungary was largely dependent on energy sources and transit routes, therefore “reliable transit countries are highly important”.

Szijjarto also called for strengthening the cooperation between the European Union and Turkiye, which “could help the community make a decision concerning its dilemma between the world building blocs again or choosing connectivity”.

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