Mitt Romney - Photo: Flickr

Szijjarto: Senator Romney launched ‘harsh attack against democracy, press freedom’

The Hungarian foreign minister said in a post on Sunday that US senator Mitt Romney had launched "a harsh attack against press freedom and democracy".

In his post on Facebook, Peter Szijjarto said the senator had criticised an American journalist for telling his own opinion about Hungary, “which apparently is not in tune with the campaign of lies mounted against our country by the liberal mainstream”.

Szijjarto said the US senator accused the Hungarian government of ignoring the will of the people “despite the fact that the will of the people is expressed at an election”. “We were given a mandate with a two-thirds support three times in a row under an electoral system in which everyone has a vote with the same weight, regardless of where they live,” the foreign minister said.

“NGOs worrying for democracy and press freedom, wake up!”, he said.

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