Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Organised migration at borders of Poland, Baltic states, minister says

Szijjarto: International organisations ‘losing sanity’ on migration

Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, attending a meeting of NATO's eastern member states focusing on the issue of migration in Bucharest on Wednesday, said "international organisations" were "starting to totally lose their sanity on migration".

He said it was high time for “straight talk” on the importance of border controls for every single country that has come under the pressure of migration.

The minister said central Europe faced serious security threats from migration and the “increasingly dangerous and irrational position” of the United Nations and the European Union — which, he added, was almost as bad as migration itself.

As well as coming into the EU from the south, migrants are arriving from the east, he said, adding that Poland and the Baltic states were under the same physical conditions that Hungary has faced since 2015.

He called on the EU and UN to take a clear stance against illegal migration in light of “the usual security and cultural risks”, as well as “serious health risks” due to Covid-19 and potential terrorism.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ suggestion that Latvia should take in anyone turning up at its borders and guarantee them the right to apply for asylum was, he said, “astonishing”.

The minister said it was expected that the EU admit “aggressive” people who “attacked the Polish border guards” — people, he added, who were unwilling to “accept our rules of conduct or laws”.

Szijjarto called this stance “extremely dangerous”. Central Europe, he added, could only draw the conclusion that if did not defend itself, no one else would.

Organised migration at borders of Poland, Baltic states

Poland and the Baltic states are having to contend with forced and organised migration from the East, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. The minister, who is meeting in Estonia the foreign ministers of the countries on the eastern wing of NATO, said mass illegal migration was the single item on the meeting’s agenda.

Szijjarto said migration in itself posed a threat to the region, but this was compounded by the policies of “international organisations that have lost their common sense completely”.

Referring to the “anti-fence standpoint” of Brussels last week, he said, “here’s another gem: Yesterday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees dared to say that Latvia, which is having to mobilise all its resources to protect its borders, should change its attitude and let migrants in,” he said. “So we should let them in; let them into the territory of the European Union and then give them loads of social support,” he added.

He said those same migrants injured Polish border guards at the weekend. The minister added that “international bureaucrats living off European taxpayers’ money” were encouraging migrants who were “trashing our rules, laws and standards of conduct” and wanted to “aggressively to impose their own way of life on us”.

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