Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (r) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - Photo: PMO

Szijjarto: Hungary-Turkiye cooperation ‘real success story’

The cooperation between Hungary and Turkiye is a real success story, the foreign minister said on Saturday.

Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook during the summit of the Organization of Turkic States in Shusha, in Azebailjan, that trade between Hungary and Turkiye had exceeded 4 billion dollars, breaking a new record, last year.

“Our cooperation with Turkiye contributes to the security of Hungary’s energy supplies, Hungary having become the first neigbouring country with Tukiye this year where Turkiye exports natural gas,” he said.

Hungary’s natural gas supplies could not be guaranteed without the reliable transit role of the TurkStream pipeline and Turkiye, with some 6 billion cubic metres of natural gas arriving by this route to Hungary last year and continued reliable supplies this year, he said.

He said consultations were ongoing on the expansion of energy cooperation to include crude oil extraction and nuclear energy.

Szijjarto said that “during our European Union presidency we plan to call a meeting of the Turkiye-EU Association Council, and in order to further develop trade cooperation we would like to renew the EU customs union with Turkiye and make progress in the area of visa simplification”.

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