Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Szijjarto: Hungary supports solution to Ukraine conflict through diplomacy

Hungary opposes any measures that may exacerbate the situation in Ukraine while supporting efforts aimed at resolving the conflict through negotiations, the foreign minister said in Brussels on Monday.

Peter Szijjarto said everything must be done to prevent a new Cold War from emerging, adding the historic standoff had resulted in “several wasted decades” for central Europe.

“We don’t want to fall prey to any East-West conflict,” the minister said.

Hungary backs direct talks, he said, adding that “all the hysteria needs to stop”.

Regarding the possibility of intensified sanctions against Russia, Szijjarto said it would be worth assessing the impact of existing sanctions on the economic cooperation of various countries with Russia.

Szijjarto said central Europe was heavily reliant on Russian energy supplies. “Those who are now the loudest in demanding sanctions have a big role to play in maintaining” the status quo.

He called on the sides in negotiations to take central European countries into account when “addressing the future of this sharpening East-West conflict”.

Szijjarto said Hungary had no plans to evacuate its diplomats or their families from Kiev. Neither has it updated its advice on travel to Ukraine, he added.

The minister said not that every single NATO ally shared the exact same assessment of the Ukraine situation. Nor was there a full consensus on possible measures, he added.

As regards the upcoming meeting of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Szijjarto said it was “natural” for them to hold talks. He called criticism of the meeting “unserious”.   The minister added: “When will US President Joe Biden or Secretary of State Antony Blinken be critised for recently meeting their Russian counterparts on several occasions?”

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