U.S. Ambassador David Pressman

Szazadveg: Hungarians reject US interference in domestic affairs

Fully 76 percent of Hungarians reject US interference in Hungarian domestic affairs, according to a survey published by the Szazadveg Foundation on Friday.

The US embassy recently tweeted a video depicting pro-government Hungarian politicians and pundits in a bad light, Szazadveg said, adding that US Ambassador David Pressman also conducted “confidential talks” with two justices of the National Judicial Council.

Szazadveg conducted an opinion poll of 1,000 Hungarians in November. Fully 76 percent of respondents said the US should respect diplomatic norms rather than interfering in the country’s domestic affairs, the think-tank said. Some 18 percent said the active role of the US and criticism of Hungarian domestic affairs, when necessary, was “reasonable”. Fully 65 percent of respondents disagreed with the US embassy expressing its opinion of Hungarian domestic issues in public, while 31 percent approved, Szazadveg said.

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